Dams by Night

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“Dams by Night” project, preview.

Concrete giants under the stars, timeless monument drawing geometric shapes in the sky.

By night color vanished. At their feet, the history, the strength, the calm, impress…

Timeless monster standing alone with their story, sometimes glorious, sometimes deadly. Build by men several dozens of years ago, most of them will survive us for years and years to come.

This project takes place in the canton of Valais, deep in the Swiss Alps. The Dams are for most of them difficult to access depending on the period. Their altitude is often over 2000m (6550ft). For some of them, I had to walk hours, hike and battle against the cold. Shooting them by night was unprecedented and an unexpected adventure.

The big format, 100cm x 150cm, was chosen to reproduce the imposing posture of those gigantic monster and recreate the feeling people can have standing at their feet. The black & white processing witness the period of time at which the dams were made, connecting them with their history of the one of the region.

Link to the exposition: https://ferme-asile.ch/evenements/sebastien-crettaz/

Questions about this project, expositions request or prints : sebastien.crettaz@gmail.com